Mr Andrew Hooley is a Branch Instructor for Walsh Martial Arts Australia.

Mr Andrew Hooley commenced martial arts training under Grandmaster Walsh in 2002.

“I cannot begin to describe the benefits that Martial Arts training has had on every aspect of my life”, says Mr Hooley.  “I wish to provide others with the same opportunity to experience and benefit through effective martial arts instruction. Having the privilege to assist students in acquiring meaningful life skills and developing strength of character is the most rewarding aspect of my teaching.”

Currently, Mr Hooley holds a 3rd Dan Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and a 1st Dan Black Belt in Hapkido.  Mr Hooley also holds a Diploma of Information Technology (Business Systems) and is currently undertaking a Masters of Management (IT) majoring in Project Management.  He also holds certifications in Zen Shiatsu and Ki Meridian/Pressure Point studies.  Mr Hooley works as an IT professional.

Andrew Hooley